[wrtc2014] WRTC Category Weighting Factor

Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX lu5dx at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 16:04:47 EDT 2012

Ward, once tabulated some weighting factors accross mutiple categories. He did that using results of an ARRL DX test.

SOAB HP was around .80 in terms of competitiveness,  and if I recall correctly and SOAB(A) was 0.64

Now do the math for CQ WW CW 2011 :-)

Anyways. The WRTC board of directors can set the rules the way they think it's the best approach for the vast majority. And it seems though they are still perfectible, they kept improving over the years.
Till Finland 2002 it was just a matter of getting an invitation, till Russia station setup  and location (terrain mostly) was not exactly the same for all the teams.

So it's getting really better edition after edition.

Vy 73.

Martin, LU5DX

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In general (I am sure there are some exceptions) - there is more competition in the high power category than the LP one.  The difference in weighting simply reflects that winning the high power category typically means more than winning the LP one (or coming in say 5th place).
Tree N6TR

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 11:24 AM, Christian Janssen <chris at dl1mgb.com> wrote:

Maybe too late to bring this question... :-)
>I also don't understand it, but that's part the rule and part of the game.
>73s Chris DL1MGB
>Am 22.08.2012 20:22, schrieb VE5ZX:
>The WRTC 2014 Team Selection criteria are given here
>>Could some please explain why the SO LP weighting factor (0.9) is less than
>>the SO HP (1.0) weighting factor?
>>It penalizes those of us that live in a urban environment and need to
>>run LP
>>in order to  keep peace with the neighbors :)
>>tnx - Syl - VE5Zx
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