[wrtc2014] WRTC Category Weighting Factor

A. U. Silva auranito at speedy.com.ar
Wed Aug 22 18:59:55 EDT 2012

Dear Syl VE5ZX:

Many thanks for your post.

Regarding your observation the organizer may have a different opinion based on experiences.

Just to be equal from the point of view of competition between HP and LP, the LP factor should be (1.1 or higher), but I think it is very difficul to find a 100% efective rule.

How can you be equal with Caribean countries, europeans boundaries and power limitations complexity and/or south americans and other continets distances. ...?.

I'm with you but it is not easy to find a rational solution for all.

Cordiales saludos
Best regards
Alberto U. Silva LU1DZ
WWSA Contest Manager
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  The WRTC 2014 Team Selection criteria are given here

  Could some please explain why the SO LP weighting factor (0.9) is less than 
  the SO HP (1.0) weighting factor?

  It penalizes those of us that live in a urban environment and need to run LP 
  in order to  keep peace with the neighbors :)

  tnx - Syl - VE5Zx


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