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Just my 5 cents: I personally know 2-3 operators who use HP+good antennas,
but declare LP and collect LP winner points..


All the best for organisators of fantastic WRTC-14




Girts YL2KL


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I don't like different weighting factors.  The fact is that for years I
couldn't afford an amp, but in no way did that mean I didn't want to be
competitive.  If anything, it should be reversed.  HP makes it easier.

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 1:03 AM, Bato, Andras <bato at starjan.hu> wrote:

Dan K1TO at al,


I decided to let you know my compressed view of LP contesting:

1. Syl is quite right.

2. The majority of LP "contestants" do not want to win and collect points
for WRTC.

3. What would happen when a lot of LP station stop calling the big ones?

I myself practically stopped contesting. I just trying to collect some rare
DXCC entities during contests. 

Of course I try to give some points to those long established stations like
K3LR and the like.


gl de ha6nn

Andras (Andy for short)




"Could some please explain why the SO LP weighting factor (0.9) is less than

  the SO HP (1.0) weighting factor?


  It penalizes those of us that live in a urban environment and need to run

  in order to  keep peace with the neighbors :)


  tnx - Syl - VE5Zx"



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