[wrtc2014] WRTC Category Weighting Factor

Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX lu5dx at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 15:01:49 EDT 2012

Once again Paul.

With all due respect, and with the appreciation I feel for you (since Super Duper was one of the first logging softwares I used) but most importantly because you are a long term ham radio fellow.
I must say your statement is solely based in your anachronism and intransigence.
The distinctions you are refering to can be proved in such competitions. 
In Ham Radio Contesting packet cheating has been  hardly proved over the past twenty years.
You don't enter contest as a serious competitor, so that your fillings must not be hurt when you see someone has been beating you over the years without being disqualified.
Same thing applies now to those using mutiple TX signals at the same time. I know now one of the stations beating me in SOAB(A) HP has been using mutiple signals cheating over others. Not only in 2011 but the years before too.
There are times, my friend, when you need to sacrifice your own beliefs to favor a common cause.
The main and ultimate responsability of Contest Committees is to guarantee that results are fair for everyone. That something that cannot be done with the distinction of Single Op and Signle Op Assited.
Contest Committees (except WAE and a few other CCs) are failing in a big way, to produce true and valid results, because the rules are outlined in a way that allow cheaters to cheat.
Since I know you, you will now include power issue in this discussion, which is another hot topic nowadays and which, at some point, will be resolved based on the available technology.
Nonetheless, for the nonesense assisted/unassisted, the solution has been there from the very begining.
As I replied to you in a personal email, someone could have said the same about computer logging. What the heck had computers to do with contesting 25 or more years ago. Nothing. It was technology completely separated from the skills needed to establish a two-way communication.
Packet represents a whole lot less assistance than computer logging itself.
If packet is not allowed during WRTCs is mainly because it CAN BE proved that no one was using it. On the other hand, if packet is not allowed in WRTC why Multi Single is ranked higher in the qualification criteria when MS  IS INDEED allowed to use packet during contests? 
C'mon. You will stand in your own. I will stand in mine. Your point of view is really detrimental to our hobby to the extent that it creates the right environment for cheaters to cheat in one of the aspects that cheaters cheat. To the point that some world wide records mean nothing, because of all this.
And don't come saying we ham radio contesters are one of a kind when it comes to moral dilemas. We are just human beings. 
If in the F1 championship a team sees a whole in the rules to take advantage over the others they will, if in any sport someone sees a way of taking advantage over the others they will go that route.
Please let's not be naive to the point of believing everything is okay? Let's not be negligent.
We are talking about making contesting fairer for everyone, not about the likes or dislikes about definitions that cannot even been proved, or that fall just in personal perceptions.
Vy 73
Martin, LU5DX

Super Check Partial is neither permited during WRTCs. But it IS permited for SO in regular contests. So SOs using SPC are still SOs. Your reasoning falls in pieces by its own weight.


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On 23/08/2012 15:31, Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX wrote:

> This poor reasoning says that if you use a tool that presents
> information on your screen you are no longer a true single op. Freaking
> twisted way of thinking.

Nonsense, and even more nonsense!

When you use a communications utility in an
amateur radio contest, chances are you're a
hybrid communications contester - that's
why they're in a separate category.

Would you use a sail in a rowboat race and call
yourself a rower?

Would you use an engine in a sailboat race and
call yourself a sailor?

Why, then, do you use the internet in an amateur
radio contest and think you're an amateur radio
contester?  Why do you think the internet is not
permitted for WRTC competitors?

> The same could have been said when contest logging software was born:

Nonsense - computer logging software is a tool,
not a communications utility.

> Those not using a pen and paper to do the logging and "duping" and
> taking advantage of Super Check Partial, Computer CW sending, real time
> auto duping are no longer real single ops! They are just computer
> assisted single ops.

Nonsense, they are single-op amateur radio
contesters, and you want everyone to be
hybrid communications contesters.

> The use of the information presented by a dx or telnet cluster
> represents in fact a whole lot les "assistance" than computer logging
> itself.

The word "assistance" has no relevance to the
issue of whether you're an amateur radio contester
or a hybrid communications contester.  It is the
wrong word.

With the internet, everyone has the world at
their fingertips.

Paul EI5DI

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